Vinzenz Aubry
Media Art & Design

Selected Work:


Spatial installation of singing bowl modules sonifying the human’s aspiration to enlightenment.

Waiting for Humans

24h installation safe-distance class exhibition using facial recognition and live-streams with Robert Schnüll.

waiting for humans photo
Unknown Territories

Haptic interface installation using computer vision and machine learning.

Unknown Territories
The Swamp Game

For Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas and ZKM with Siamend Darwesh

__ FM

a personal audio content curator – cleaning your local radio from stress-inducing influences in real-time

Social Score

Live generated, speech synthesized and gps based audiobook in your browser. More on Augmented Audio

Social Score

50.000 people working together to unlock a song.


Interactive videoexperience with speech- and facerecognition.

Screenshot Berghaintrainer