The hum of hunger

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The hum of hunger is a co-meditative video performance. It examines our relationship to the natural ecosystems which surround us. What do we receive from them? What do we give?

In this series I spend time meditating in nature while donating my blood to the local mosquitos.

Visitors are invited to join the meditation and question their own relationships about ecosystems they are part of. To enjoy what nature gives us and contemplate on what we might give in return.



安養寺 in Shiga, Japan

Thank You

Akihiro Kubota, Kana Taniguchi, Felix Zimmer, Ralph Tharayil


September, 2022


There is this urban legend: If a mosquito is about to bite and you tense your muscles in the right moment the insect will swell up and explode.

Mosquitos hum all over the world. I’ve met some along the way

With thousands of species only a fraction would find use for me.

Mosquitos kill more humans than any other species in the world. Apart from humans themselves of course.

How many mosquitos have I killed? How many have I nurtured? The more bites I endure, the less my body reacts.

The are two types of mosquitos: Females which bite, Males who won’t. The male’s hum is slightly different to the females. There’s a hum of peace and a hum of hunger. I’ve never heard the difference.

There are efforts to eradicate mosquitos. In hope of saving lives all over the world. An interference into the ecosystem. In response to an unbalanced biosphere.

Where I come from, biomass is collapsing. We have seen a reduction of three quarters in the past 30 years. For some reason, I am still bothered by what remains.

Soon, I will celebrate the sight of any insect. I will be desperate to share my blood. Give in to their desires and donate the few they ask for.

There is this urban legend. If you tense your muscles in the right moment, mosquitoes swell up and explode.


Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße, Berlin, 2023

Unfolding Traces group show

Designtransfer, Berlin, 2023

Present Im/Possibilities group show during Transmediale Vorspiel