The Berghain is supposed to be the most difficult club to get into. Berghaintrainer is an interactive video website to practice entering the infamous nightclub. It uses face and speech recognition to decide about the users entrance.

Have a try at

Screenshot of the Berghaintrainer.

How does it work?

You'll be walking along the famous Berghain club queue and speak to the bouncer. If all 3 questions are answered appropately, you will be allowed in.

The answers are evaluated with motion detection via the webcam, speech recognition and speech analysis.

The trainer is Chrome only, due to lack of speech recognition support in other Browsers at the time of development.


The experience has had an average hypecycle of of 4 years. I believe it is connected to a "new" generation of youth being legally allowed to go clubbing and coming across that famous club online.

As of 01.02.2021 the site has had over 11.4 Million pageviews with an average of 2:50 minutes session duration. That resolves to over 21.3 years spent in the virtual berghain queue.

It has gone viral on all major tech and music websites, as well as Instagram, Youtube and especially TikTok. It has further been exhibited several times and even been part of student theses.

Most interesting is how people reinterpret and try to hack the project. To explain it with the latest definition: « It's about passing the vibe check ».

So go check if your vibin'




May 2016


Franz Becker, Fabian Burghardt, Sven Gelhaus


London, UK, 2018

Exhibiting at the Somerset House in 2018. Visitors where queuing to virtually queue ...