Thank you for your understanding

Thank you for your understanding (de) is a Gathertown experience exploring the concept of so called Non-places in relation to digital spaces. Play it here.

It's an installative, non-durational space in which users can explore digital and physical non-places with gameified elements on different floors of a building: a highway, a subway station, ATMs or telephone waiting loops. The users are accompanied by a voice that tries to convey the absurdity of these non-places, their lack of identity, their lack of history and their non-relationship to human cultures in micro-comments. The users can interact freely and without time constraints: A space waiting to be destroyed.

In this small exercise, we have tried to explore questions that we encounter again and again: The relationship between humans, nature and technology, and the commodification of all areas of life in post-digital capitalism.



Created during StageJam #2 organised by Schaubude Berlin


November 2021


Berlin, DE, 2021

Festival Theater der Dinge