Milky Chance: Cocoon

With the upcoming release of Milky Chance's new album «Blossom», Fabian Burghardt and I created two interactive online campaigns to promote it. The result was a week-long puzzle for the single and an interactive documentary in three chapters.

The whole campaign started with the announcement of the first single «Cocoon». One week before the release we launched a website where fans could unlock the single prior to the official release date. The concept is a refference to the album title «Blossom». We wanted the fans to make the track bloom by themselves and be a part of it. We started with an empty album cover and ten seconds of the song. Each new user would be able to unlock one pixel of the cover and thereby a fraction of the song. So the more users unlocked pixels on the website, the more of the song got unlocked. The whole cover counted roughly 50.000 pixels.

Screenshot Intro

After a quick facebook login, the user could reveal his own pixel on the cover. Then the timeline would appear and grow to the size of the current length.

Closeup Pixel Selection
Overview Campaign

During the playback of «Cocoon», the user sees the current artwork and profile pictures of other users dancing on their very own pixels. In the end everyone can share their own pixel and motivate their friends to unlock the whole song and cover !

Screenshot of the shearable.
Screenshot of the Mobile versions.

It was really fascinating to see which pixels would be unlocked first. Especially the edges showed a very organic evolution.

Animation of the development of the album cover.



September 2016