Augmented Audio

As of today, augmented audio experiments deliver pre-recorded audio snippets based on different parameters. Their non-linearity is restricted by the exponential nature of pre-production. To break up these borders, I propose using synthetic voices allowing for total flexibility. My research will focus on using them in different contexts and drafts to demonstrate their potential use. It will range from pre-recorded formats, synthetic voice extension up to fully synthetic audio pieces.

See full research here.


I believe in a future, where linear audio has evolved to its next step. Constantly adapting to the users' environment, for greater relevance and immersion. Personalized news, dynamic in-depth podcasts, real-time adapting art pieces, heresque voices in our heads, all web-based, accompanying us wherever we go — true situation based audio. This is not the death of classic narrative, but its rebirth with contemporary possibilities of audio playback and generation.


Research Started