AR Filters

Collection of AR Filters I've created to explore the medium.


I dance off anywhere people see fit. Link to the filter.


Filter for Swiss Band Yello. Link to the filter.

Climate Change

Mother Earth is calling. Don't hang up on her! Link to the filter.

No Filter Filter

Screenshot of the no filter filter.

In this project, we tried to overshoot the set task by reducing it from 5 lines to 0 lines of code.

We therefore submitted a face filter to Instagram consisting of just the emptied basic template and justified it to be released with:

« We're researching the relationship between the over manipulation of so called beauty filters and questioning the reality of our self perception. It's a validation of natural beauty and proof for actually not using any filters. »

Link to the filter that just does absolutely nothing.

Speech Recognition

I've also been experimenting with web based filters combined with speech recognition. One example was a christmas card where users had to «ho ho ho» to grow their santa clause beard. Once fully grown, you could take a picture and send it via mail.

Another example is a webbased facefilter for Valentine's day to practice saying «i love you» to your significant other. The website would then evaluate your authenticity factor.